Echoes of Ancestry, Rhythms of the Soul

The seaside haven of warmth, tranquility and restoration

Welcome to Proyecto Tulum

Wynwood Roots, Artistic Spirit.

Born amidst the colorful canvases of Miami’s Wynwood Design District, Proyecto Tulum has found its soulful sanctuary amidst the art and the wild vegetation of our venue. It’s a space where the edgy artistry of Wynwood melds seamlessly with the spiritual and rustic nature of Tulum. Here, holistic arts and ancestral rhythms flourish, inviting wanderers to experience a fusion of Miami’s modern heartbeat with Tulum’s ancient soul. With rustic structures, ambient DJ booths, and the genuine scent of Oaxacan mezcaleria, Proyecto Tulum stands as a testament to art, culture, and spirit’s transcendent power.

Gastronomy & Mixology

Embark on a sensory journey through Tulum’s ancient culinary pathways, savoring each authentic dish and potion crafted for the wanderer’s soul.

Culture & Community

Dive deep into Proyecto Tulum’s rhythmic heart, where age-old music and art dance with contemporary beats. Here, nomads and natives unite, sharing tales, traditions, and transformative moments.

Spirituality & Wellness

Wander into realms of inner peace and cosmic connection. In this sanctuary, seekers find solace through spiritual retreats, sacred yoga sessions, and healing therapies — all while bathed in Proyecto Tulum mystical aura.

Nomadic Soul of Proyecto Tulum

Where Gastronomy, Culture, and Spirituality Intersect in a Dance of Discovery

Savor, Connect, and Awaken in our Mystical Oasis

Echoes of Ancestry, Rhythms of the Soul.

Mixology of Memories
Each cocktail is a crafted intention, a blend of ancient mysticism and modern flair. Designed to evoke cherished memories and spark new delights, every sip is a voyage not just of taste, but of soul-stirring emotion.

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